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Rachel A. Winston, Ph.D.

Dr. Winston is a trusted college admissions expert with over three decades of experience in higher education. She is a lifelong learner, currently obtaining her 8th graduate degree. Always up to date on current admissions trends, she is a tireless advocate for her students on their journey to post-secondary success.

Dr. Winston has held many roles, including university Director of Mathematics, elected state leader, elected Academic Senate President, college math/engineering professor, and more.

If you need help navigating college admissions, whether undergraduate or graduate, look no further!


How we can help

  • First-year admissions
  • Transfer admissions
  • International student admissions
  • Graduate/Professional admissions
  • Accelerated program admissions
  • Applications
  • Appeals
  • Career Planning
  • Essay assistance
  • SAT/ACT/TOEFL prep
  • GRE/MCAT prep
  • Interview preparation
  • Scholarships/Financial Aid
  • Resumes and supplementals
  • Athletic recruiting
  • Portfolios

Attention all Future Med Students!

Written by Dr. Winston herself, From High School to Medical School: The Ultimate Guide to BS/MD Programs, is perfect for bright, high school students who are interested in applying to programs where they may gain conditional acceptance to medical school while they are a senior in high school.

Colorful, engaging, and well-designed, this book provides maps, charts, data, financing, and contact information to make this one-of-a-kind book an authoritative, informative, and valuable resource.

For more information, visit:

Medical School Books

When not working with students, Dr. Winston is writing a series of books on various Medical-related schools. The first book in the Comprehensive Healthcare Series, “Dental School”, was published in 2021.

The books in the series include: Osteopathic School, Veterinary School, Pharmacy School, and Physician Assistant programs.

These books are jam-packed with tips and advice on the application process as well as detailed data and admissions statistics for all of the schools, nationwide.

Digital versions are less than $10 each. Paperback and hardcover versions are also available.


What students say about us

“Before I was accepted early decision to Columbia, I did not think it was possible. Now that I am a freshman and meeting my fellow students, I can tell you that working with you on the essays was the key to my application standing out.”

Carlo O.

“Dr. Winston has altered the path of my educational route to what has been the most positive, up lifting and personally enriching route I could have ever embarked on. I am so happy I found Dr. Winston and would recommend her to anybody who has an interest in gaining the most of your educational potential. Thank you Dr. Winston!”

Albert F.

“Dr. Winston is brilliant, passionate, and remarkable. With her help I was accepted to 12 colleges and was offered scholarships at many of the schools.”

Chencheng X.

“I am so excited about starting college in the fall. I owe it all to Dr. Winston’s sage advice, amazing patience, and profound wisdom.”

Marissa K.

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