How do we help our art students?

We help all art students – whether it is in pursuing visual arts, music, theater, film, dance, graphic design, animation, architecture, or any other artistic field.

Students applying to an art-based program are almost always required to submit supplemental materials, such as a portfolio or audition. We help with all of it!


Portfolios are a critical aspect of the admissions process for an art student. We help you craft the best portfolio to help you stand out.


Auditions are significant for our student actors, musicians, and dancers. We help keep you on top of requirements and deadlines.

BFA vs. bA?

A Bachelor or Fine Arts (BFA) is typically more artistically-intensive as opposed to the typical Bachelor of Arts (BA).

Art Supplements

Along with the basic requirements for applying to college, we help with portfolios, auditions, and all types of artistic supplements.

  • Slideroom submissions
  • Scheduling your audition
  • Crafting the best portfolio
  • Video/digital essays
  • Create a website to showcase your work
  • Take professional head shots


At Lizard, we listen to our student’s stories and work with you to consider possible topics. We help you devise a plan to write the essay, provide samples to review, and guide you through the entire process.

When applying to an art program, occasionally additional supplemental essays are required. We help you shine a light on your creative strengths so you stand out from the crowd.


Prospective dance, theater, musical theater, and music majors are almost always required to audition. Not all schools reach out. Sometimes the student is required to set up their own audition.

We help you stay on top of audition requirements and deadlines.

Interview Prep & Resumes

Many times, students who audition for a part are required to interview with the staff on the same day. We help our students with research, questions, body language, and thoughtful responses.

We also craft one-page resumes that are modern and impactful.

Financial Aid/Scholarships

One of the most well-known stressors in college admissions is navigating financial aid and scholarship opportunities. At Lizard, we help students submit a FAFSA/CSS profile if they choose to do so. We help our art students apply for artistic scholarships and other opportunities.

Additionally, we compile charts specific to your college list containing scholarship information, deadlines, and requirements.

Digital versions are less than $10 each. Paperback and hardcover versions are also available.