Our students (who we call Lizard Leaders) have gained acceptance into schools such as Harvard, UChicago, Duke, UPenn, Stanford, Yale, UCLA, NYU, LMU, Claremont McKenna, UTexas, and numerous others over the past 32 years. Our Lizard Leaders have gone on to become engineers, doctors, lawyers, artists, accountants, teachers, business owners, and more. Besides guiding students to gain acceptances, Dr. Winston is an attentive listener, grand motivator, and enthusiastic admissions expert who helps students find their own path. Read on for a few testimonials from her students.

Hear From Our Lizard Leaders

“Rachel Winston literally changed the course my life in the most amazing way. I could never thank her enough.”

Sam M.

“Dr. Rachel Winston is an amazing and interesting person with an unbelievable amount of wisdom and insight into almost everything. She makes it a priority to get to know you and understand the things you want to pursue. I am always greeted with hugs and lots of sweets.”

Emily Y.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You won’t believe it, but I just got accepted to two more schools and five of them are with scholarships.”

Nicky A.

“I am attending Penn because of Dr. Winston and I cannot express how thankful I am for this opportunity.”

Ariela O.

“I am so thankful for the opportunity to seek help at Lizard. Everyone was friendly and supportive. I especially want to thank Rachel for her generosity. She has inspired me to become the best I can be, in a realistic way. The opportunities are endless. All I have to do is dream and seek them. Thanks Lizard!”

Jessica G.

“If I have any questions, Dr. Winston is always there to help. Throughout the application process, there was nobody I trusted more to help me with the applications, essays, and choices. The East Coast college road trip was unforgettable.”

Bowen L.

“I completely trust Dr. Winston’s advice and would recommend her to anyone.”

Jinyang C.

“This is a fantastic place for high school student who want to get in a good college. Dr. Rachel will help you get in the best college where you want to go.”

Stark K.

“Dr. Winston was my first college counselor that I met with and I learned a lot more than I thought I would. She helped me prepare myself in order to start my college application process. I learned exactly what I need to get done and when I need to get it done by. She opened my eyes into seeing that I can go to college by improving my transcript which is something that I thought was too late for. Overall, she was a very welcoming and easy to talk to person who works in a very friendly environment After I complete what she asked me to do, I will most definitely make another appointment to follow up on my application process.”

Emiri U.

“I have never ever ever ever seen a teacher who cares so much about her students and them completing their education like you do. It’s like its not just a job to you, it is your mission in life to assist people in bettering their lives and get an education.”

Chase H.

“Before I was accepted early decision to Columbia, I did not think it was possible. Now that I am a freshman and meeting my fellow students, I can tell you that working with you on the essays was the key to my application standing out.”

Carlo O.

“Dr. Winston has altered the path of my educational route to what has been the most positive, up lifting and personally enriching route I could have ever embarked on. I am so happy I found Dr. Winston and would recommend her to anybody who has an interest in gaining the most of your educational potential. Thank you Dr. Winston!”

Albert F.

“Dr. Winston is brilliant, passionate, and remarkable. With her help I was accepted to 12 colleges and was offered scholarships at many of the schools.”

Chencheng X.

“I am so excited about starting college in the fall. I owe it all to Dr. Winston’s sage advice, amazing patience, and profound wisdom.”

Marissa K.

Video Testimonials

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