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Rachel Winston

Our Approach

We believe in the American Dream that all people, rich or poor can go as far in life as their talents and persistence will take them. You too can achieve your personal, academic, social, and career aspirations – but it takes work, direction, dedication, and vision.

College advising is about fit. An advisor must understand what is important to you and support you in realizing your potential. What are your wildest dreams? What kind of life do you want to live? What pursuits, activities, majors, and careers do you love?

The process of advising is unique. College advising is much more than getting a list of schools. A great advisor is a great coach. At Lizard, we deliver exceptional service. We are not free, but we are not even close to the cost of many advisors. We deliver quality, responsiveness, and a deep sense of commitment to you.

We save you time. We are experts. With thirty-six years in this field, this means you can count on our expertise.

Rachel A. Winston, Ph.D.


The name “Lizard was chosen three decades ago, and grew to represent our friendly, approachable, worldly, and versatile way of serving our students.

College planning is much like embarking on a quest to discover your personalized direction, pathway, and future. A lizard follows that same path, as it navigates a sometimes-complex desert or jungle environment. By climbing through complicated terrain, lizards search for what will make them happy and able to thrive.

Lizards have a non-threatening visual appeal, which is necessary for the rigorous and often complicated process that is college admissions. When people enter our offices, they are greeted with a 70-inch video graphic touch screen and 4 large monitors full of information.

We provide students and parents with technology-infused and personalized access to information, education, and wisdom. We encourage students as we demystify the college application process and support our students in achieving their goals. The Lizard serves not only as our logo, but as a companion along the college and career-planning trail.

We invite you to “be a Lizard!”

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