Accelerated or Combined Degrees

What is accelerated or combined?

Accelerated degrees allow a student to complete their undergraduate degree in a shorter amount of time than it would usually take. Most often, these programs allow the student to receive their Bachelor’s degree in 3 years – saving 1 whole year of tuition in the process.

Combined programs include BS/MD programs – where the student is accepted into undergraduate and medical school by the time they graduate high school. As you can imagine, these programs are extremely competitive.

The application Process

There is a far more extensive application process for accelerated programs. We help you navigate it.

combined programs

BS/MD, BS/JD, BS/MS, BS/MS/PHD, BS/MBA – the list is endless. We have seen it all and we help students apply to these programs.

The Ultimate Guide

In 2020, we published a book dedicated to guiding students in applying to BS/MD programs nationwide. For more information, click here.


The accelerated or combined degree application process is extremely competitive. Who wouldn’t want to complete their degree in 3 years or gain conditional acceptance into medical school straight out of high school?

We help you do the following:

  • Choose coursework that increases your competitive edge
  • Stay on top of deadlines
  • Research the program for interview preparation
  • Complete and submit the application


At Lizard, we listen to our student’s stories and work with you to consider possible topics. We help you devise a plan to write the essay, provide samples to review, and guide you through the entire process.

We help our exceptional accelerated/combined students highlight their strengths when writing their supplemental essays.

Interview Prep & Resumes

We prepare students throughout the year for college interviews, summer programs, internships, and jobs. We assist with research, questions, body language, and thoughtful responses.

We also craft one-page resumes that are modern and impactful.

Financial Aid/Scholarships

One of the most well-known stressors in college admissions is navigating financial aid and scholarship opportunities. At Lizard, we help students submit a FAFSA/CSS profile if they choose to do so. Additionally, we compile charts specific to your college list containing scholarship information, deadlines, and requirements.

Career Advising

Most students who attend college as a pre-medical student end up changing their major after taking the all-too-dreaded Organic Chemistry.

Applying to a combined program is a big commitment. We help you determine whether applying to these special programs is the best fit for you.

We also help our students determine what the next step will be once they receive their degree(s).