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  • Whether you are seeking college counseling as a first-year, transfer, international or accelerated student, we can help.
  • Students have come to us as early as 7th grade. Some parents choose to work with us early on to ensure their child is choosing proper coursework and taking advantage of extracurricular/internship opportunities as they come along.
  • No matter which stage of the college planning process you are in, we do our part to help you.

First-Year Students

If you have never attended a college full-time and you are still in high school, you are a first-year student!

Transfer Students

Students who have completed at least one college term after graduating from high school, this page is for you!

International Students

If you are not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, this is the place for you!


Student athletes have an extensive application process. Click here if you intend to play at a D1, D2, or D3 school!


If you are applying to any type of artistic program, you are likely required to submit artistic supplements or audition. This section includes Film, Dance, Graphic Design, Fashion, Architecture, and more.

Accelerated Programs

This is for students who are applying to a program that wraps up in 3 years instead of 4. Also, if you are interested in combined degrees such as BS/MD, BS/JD, BS/MS, or BS/MS/PhD, click here!

First-Year Students

Any student applying to college from high school or who has never attended college outside of high school is considered a first-year student.

First-year students may include athletes, art students, and international students. However, athletes, art students, and international students have additional requirements to fulfill.

If this is you, we recommend taking a look at those pages to understand what those extra steps are.

Transfer Students

Transfer students include those who have completed at least one term of college after graduating from high school.

Some students decide to attend community college to complete their general education requirements and then transfer to a four-year institution.

We help advise on which courses to take in your first school to ensure your courses are accepted in your new institution. You don’t want to take two years of classes just for most of them to not count for anything later!

International students

International Students

At Lizard, we are familiar with the additional requirements international students have: visa support, TOEFL, and numerous other paperwork to complete.

As with our domestic students, we offer online and in-person services throughout all phases of the application process. Some of our students have come from China, Korea, Mexico, and the Middle East. In fact, more than one-third of our clientele consists of international students.

Prior to the pandemic, our team traveled to China twice a year to speak at high schools throughout the country. We connect with our own liaisons and college counseling community abroad to stay current and updated on international educational systems.


The NCAA is made up of more than a thousand institutions that play in leagues with specific rules. Not all of sports are played at each college. The applicant must do research to learn if their sport is played at the colleges in their list.

Playing collegiate sports requires a great deal of research to understand what to do and what not to do. We provide thorough guidance in the recruitment process. No matter what level you want to play at, we will help you get there.

Rachel Winston with her student


We guide students who are interested in art, music, film, graphic design, theater, dance, and any of the creative arts.

We ensure portfolio requirements are met and advise on how to craft an impactful portfolio.

P.S., We are currently writing a book on each of the art schools with detailed statistics and helpful information – to be released in 2021!

Students visiting a college lecture hall

Accelerated or Combined Programs

Some students seek to complete their college degree early. Others intend to pursue a combined degree. For instance, a BS/MD program is a combined degree where the student is conditionally accepted into medical school after high school.

At Lizard, we have experience working with both types of students. In fact, we recently published a book titled From High School to Medical School: The Ultimate Guide to BS/MD Programs. We are familiar with these unique types of pathways.

Rachel Winston and Michelle Tahan at Loyola University Chicago

Road Trips

Our team has visited over 300 colleges in the United States, including 100 in California and a few in other countries. We offer a unique, personalized perspective into the college experience.

Students may choose to join us on our college road trips. For details on pricing and what that entails, click below.

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