International Students

What is an International Student?

International students include any student who is not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

There are additional application requirements for these students, including a test to prove english fluency (TOEFL), financial statements, visas, and more. We help guide international families through it all!


One-third of our clientele are international students. Our past students have come from China, Mexico, Korea, the Middle East, and more.

In-Person And Virtual

Time zone does not matter! We will coordinate a time to work with you.

Road Trips

We take students to colleges all over the country!


The application process for international students is more extensive than for domestic students. We help make the process as straight-forward as possible.

  • TOEFL or other English master tests
  • Visa requirements
  • Financial statement requirements
  • Supplemental material support


At Lizard, we listen to our student’s stories and work with you to consider possible topics. We help you devise a plan to write the essay, provide samples to review, and guide you through the entire process.

Interview Prep & Resumes

We prepare students throughout the year for college interviews, summer programs, internships, and jobs. We assist with research, questions, body language, and thoughtful responses.

We also craft one-page resumes that are modern and impactful.


Although international students cannot receive federal financial aid, we can provide assistance in researching and applying to scholarships.

We compile charts specific to your college list containing scholarship information, deadlines, and requirements.

Career Advising

Many students are stumped when it comes to choosing a major. Additionally, many students graduate college with a degree that they don’t know how to apply to a specific field.

At Lizard, we advise students on career paths and inform our students of the career prospects for specific occupational choices. We also have helped many students transfer from community college to a four-year institution.

Road Trips

Our team has visited over 300 colleges in the United States, including 100 in California and a few in other countries. We offer a unique, personalized perspective into the college experience.

Students may choose to join us on our college road trips. For details on pricing and what that entails, click below.